Orbiter is a sim­ple and extend­able PHP tool for pub­lish­ing beau­ti­ful web­sites out of plain text documents

Five Rea­sons to Use Orbiter

  1. Orbiter is not a CMS — it doesn’t have an admin panel and login screen. It takes any folder with your arti­cles and makes them avail­able as a web­site or blog.

  2. Orbiter is extremely exten­si­ble. With a plu­gin and hook sys­tem sim­i­lar to Word­Press you can cus­tomize and add sup­port for any kind of doc­u­ment markup or tem­plat­ing engine. Mark­down for markup and Mus­tache for tem­plat­ing are sup­ported by default.

  3. Com­bines the best of sta­tic and dymanic site gen­er­a­tors. Runs on any server with PHP. Use either SSH, FTP, Git, Rsync or Drop­box for stor­ing and syn­croniz­ing the source files.

  4. Doesn’t enforce any work­flow or tools for con­tent man­age­ment. Keep using tools and meth­ods you already know and can rely on.

  5. Gen­er­ates an RSS feed, XML sitemap and a 404 page auto­mat­i­cally. And uses stan­dard INI files for con­fig­u­ra­tion and sup­ports INI syn­tax in the front mat­ter of your documents.

Why Orbiter

Orbiter is a follow-​up project to Rover Edi­tor — a web based text edi­tor with Mark­down syn­tax high­light­ing that works on any device with a web browser. While Rover is used for cre­at­ing and explor­ing, Orbiter is a mes­sanger that deliv­ers your cre­ation to the world via the World Wide Web. The idea is that you are no longer required to use the same tool for com­pos­ing and pub­lish­ing your work.

Sim­i­lar Tools

Check out this list of sta­tic and dynamic site gen­er­a­tors.

About the Author

Orbiter is cre­ated by Kas­pars Dambis. I am a web designer and devel­oper spe­cial­iz­ing in advanced Word­Press devel­op­ment and web­site per­for­mance. You can fol­low all my projects at GitHub.

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