Orbiter is a simple and extendable PHP tool for publishing beautiful websites out of plain text documents

Five Reasons to Use Orbiter

  1. Orbiter is not a CMS -- it doesn't have an admin panel and login screen. It takes any folder with your articles and makes them available as a website or blog.

  2. Orbiter is extremely extensible. With a plugin and hook system similar to WordPress you can customize and add support for any kind of document markup or templating engine. Markdown for markup and Mustache for templating are supported by default.

  3. Combines the best of static and dymanic site generators. Runs on any server with PHP. Use either SSH, FTP, Git, Rsync or Dropbox for storing and syncronizing the source files.

  4. Doesn't enforce any workflow or tools for content management. Keep using tools and methods you already know and can rely on.

  5. Generates an RSS feed, XML sitemap and a 404 page automatically. And uses standard INI files for configuration and supports INI syntax in the front matter of your documents.

Why Orbiter

Orbiter is a follow-up project to Rover Editor -- a web based text editor with Markdown syntax highlighting that works on any device with a web browser. While Rover is used for creating and exploring, Orbiter is a messanger that delivers your creation to the world via the World Wide Web. The idea is that you are no longer required to use the same tool for composing and publishing your work.

Similar Tools

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About the Author

Orbiter is created by Kaspars Dambis. I am a web designer and developer specializing in advanced WordPress development and website performance. You can follow all my projects on GitHub and my blog.

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