Overview of Orbiter

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Basic Functionality

  1. All requests are forwarded to index.php which loads all plugins from the plugins folder and parses config.ini for things like document location and template files.

  2. Orbiter parses request URI such as http://example.com/about and tries to find a coresponding source document in the document folder.

  3. Orbiter reads the source document and passes it through a markup converter (such as Markdown, Latex or none).

  4. Parsed document is sent to the templating engine (Mustache, Smarty, plain PHP, etc.) which returns HTML that is sent to the visitor.

Using Front Matter

Front matter is a simple concept of adding information to your documents that you don't want to be included in the rendered content.

Take a look at this sample document:

slug = about
time = August 12, 2012

# About Orbiter

Orbiter is a sim­ple and extend­able PHP tool for pub­lish­ing 
beau­ti­ful web­sites out of Mark­down documents…

Front matter is everything at the top of the document seperated with a blank line from the rest of the document:

slug = about
time = August 12, 2012

Key values pairs are usually separated by either : or =. While several static site generators support Yaml syntax for the front matter, Orbiter chooses to use standard INI syntax by default (because it doesn't require any external libraries and is supported by PHP out of the box).

The default front matter support is added by the meta plugin which can be removed or replaced to use Yaml syntax instead.