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Address:The garden Gang Jie Hangzhou city of Zhejiang Province, No. 168 Building 2 building 1008 room structure
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Hangzhou kingrand glass bottle Co. Ltd. the main products are: white wine bottles, beer bottles, bottle of yellow, brown bottles, infusion bottles, medicinal bottles, food bottles, bottle, beverage bottle, nutrient liquid bottle, perfume bottles, cream bottles, oil bottles of various cosmetic bottle, bottle, glass crafts and control bottles 2000 varieties, can be customized according to user needs, products not only meet the domestic demand, but also exported to America, Japan, Canada and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
The company sales of two glass bottle production joint ventures and a bottle cap factory, a glass bottle after processing plant products. Joint venture factory have formal staff 600 people, professional and technical personnel 65 people; an annual output of various types of brown and green, transparent glass products 60000 tons, with 45 square meters of glass tank furnace a, 26 square meters of glass tank furnace and a 30 square meters of glass tank furnace three, six groups of double drop ranks machine production line 2 the 12 group and six group machine single drop ranks machine production line 8 48 sets of machines, a three hand machine production line 1 and artificial in the mouth of 2 production lines, power supply, water supply, steam supply, gas supply system and matching.
The company is located in the "an earthly paradise" known as Zhejiang Hangzhou, has the "Yangtze River Delta" the tremendous talent, technology, economic and market advantages, convenient land and sea traffic. Companies adhere to the "people-oriented" long-term strategic thinking, adhere to the "business is reputation, sales is quality" for business purposes; keep to the "quality is the root, people-oriented, good faith service, technology innovation" market concept; to high-quality products, sincere service, create brilliance with you.
The company's products use the glass bottle advanced inner surface of silicon rich silicon processing technology, product hot end and the cold end spraying evaporation coating technique, using fluorine free energy of high performance glass formula, and has the testing equipment and means of integrity, the establishment of a sound quality management system and service system, made of glass infusion bottle production license and in the previous quality checks, whether the appearance of quality, or physicochemical properties were excellent, become a leader in Zhejiang province counterparts.

  Company tenet: quality is the root, people-oriented, good faith service, science and technology innovation!

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